Not The First Time

It was already two years ago since I started a couple of  blogs in wordpress. I started those blogs without having any second thoughts that’s why the domain names I created were not that good. That made me decide to make a good blog site here again with a name that sounds really me.

Creating a blog came to my mind for I want to share things that are happening to me.. be it good or bad, happy or sad, encouraging or frustrating. Aside from that, I want to exercise my mind as well as my skills in writing (do i have that skill?). Well, everybody wants to write like me. Writing for me is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and start thinking big…

We can write anything we want. Who cares if it is about your failure? your dullest moment? It might serve as an inspiration to other people out there and might help them how to face that kind of difficulties in case they would be in the same boat.

So, let’s write! Keep on writing! =)

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