Using this map helped me a lot. I just found it on the net, printed it and brought it along with us in Puerto Princesa. I have read on some blogs that all you have to do is tell the trike driver the place and they’ll take you there. You have no assurance that every trike driver in PP knows exactly the place. We had experienced twice of asking the trike drivers to bring us to Aniceto but their answer was “San po yun?” eventhough you told them it’s in Reynoso Street. Then in going to Ka Lui, the trike driver we met didn’t know where the place was. What the ****!

Sometimes having a map would save you from getting lost. You may print this map and use it as you go to Puerto Princesa.

I got this other map from Aniceto. It was posted on their wall to help their guests in getting around the city. This might be of help in your tour too. =)

Palawan Tour Expenses

PAL Ticket 2 P3295
Room Reservation 3D, 2N P1300
MRT: Cubao – Taft 2 P28
Taxi: Taft – NAIA P80
Terminal Fee 2 P400
Snacks/Lunch 2 P400
Tricycle: P400
1. Airport to Aniceto
2. Aniceto to Hunda Bay
Sidetrip 2 P200
Hunda Bay Tour P1300
(shared boat) 2 P650
Dinner @ Kinabuch 2 P260
Tricycle to Aniceto 2 P20
Breakfast/ Lunch 2 P200
Snacks @ the Plaza 2 P50
Tricycle to Ka Lui 2 P20
Dinner @ Ka Lui 2 P539
Tricycle to the beach 2 P30
Entrance to the beach 2 P30
Tricycle to Aniceto 2 P20
Tricycle to NCCC Mall 2 P14
Lunch @ Giacominos 2 P300
Pasalubong/Souvenirs P387
Tricycle to Aniceto 2 P16
Tricycle to Airport 2 P20
Snacks @ Kamarikutan Café 2 P132
Terminal Fee 2 P160
Bus to Ortigas 2 P56
Bus to Taytay 2 P50

Puerto Princesa (Day 3) DIY Tour

LOCAL BEACHES: Pristine Beach & Nasin-aw Beach

Most of the locals go to Pristine, Nasin-aw and Silica beaches. These are the beaches in the city that can be reached within 15 minute trike ride. The entrance fee is very affordable. It ranges from P10-P20 per person while renting cottages would cost you around P200 and above.


We got off the bed early in the morning to see the beaches of Puerto Princesa. From Aniceto, we took a trike and paid P30 for the ride. According to the driver, it was a special trip. Ows?!



It was low tide that time. If it’s high tide, the water can reach the cottages. P20 is the entrance fee in Pristine per person while in Nasin-aw, it’s only P10. If you choose to go to Nasin-aw, you can also go to Pristine without paying for the entrance. All you have to do is to cross the fence or the boundary of the two resorts. That’s what we did. ^_^ There were no other people around aside from us. After we got tired of shooting, we decided to take a dip. I was too hesitant to leave our things unattended but since it’s the only option, we ended up hanging our things on the tree near the shore. The place is good for photo-op but for swimming, NO! Why did I say so? Every step you make, the fine sand goes up, though the water is clear. But if you love taking pictures, you should visit the place.



Since it was our last day in Puerto Princesa, we have to buy PASALUBONG before we go back to Manila. We asked the trike driver to bring us to NCCC Mall, the only mall in Puerto Princesa. Nothing much to see there. It’s like Ever Gotesco and Isetann. It was already lunch time so we looked for a place where we could eat. We saw a pizza house across the mall. They have pizza, pasta and chicken as well as the LOG meals (tosilog, losialog, tapsilog).




Tiangge Tiangge, the place where you can buy cheap and affordable pasalubongs, is near the NCCC Mall. Just cross the street. When you see the shoe salon (Rusty Lopez/ Centropell), walk straight ahead and you’ll see the Tiangge Tiangge. Don’t forget to haggle. In some stores, the small pearl earring is P20 each but there are other stores inside the area where you can buy it for P10 each. Pearls are cheap here. 🙂



What we bought? 1 pair small pearl earrings – P10, 1 pair medium pearl earrings – P20, 1 buddha beads bracelet – P35, 1 ref magnet – P35, 3 pieces pearl bracelets -P50, 1 pack of cashew tart – P80.





Then we went to the public market of Puerto Princesa. You can also haggle here. We bought 1/2 k of dried pusit – P100 and 1 pack of daing – P80. In case you forgot to buy hopia at Bakers Hill, no need of going back again. There are some stores near the market that sell hopia from Bakers Hill at P43 per box.


After our haggling tour, we immediately packed our things as we came back at the pension house. Our flight was at 4 o’clock in the afternoon but we were able to get in the airport at three in the afternoon. Yey! We checked-in our luggage as soon we got our boarding pass. Since we still have time to have some snacks, we left the airport and go to Kamarikutan Cafe to have some coffee.




How to go there from the airport: Cross the road and turn left. It’s only 5-10 minutes away from the airport.


Kamarikutan Kapi & gallery is such a nice place. When you get inside, you’ll see some arts and crafts displayed in the place. And part of visiting the place is tasting their coffee. We tried 2 cups of Kamarikutan Blend, P35 per cup and 1 piece of ham and cheese sandwhich, P50. Well, the coffee was good as well as the sandwich. Try to visit the place if you still have time. =)