Using this map helped me a lot. I just found it on the net, printed it and brought it along with us in Puerto Princesa. I have read on some blogs that all you have to do is tell the trike driver the place and they’ll take you there. You have no assurance that every trike driver in PP knows exactly the place. We had experienced twice of asking the trike drivers to bring us to Aniceto but their answer was “San po yun?” eventhough you told them it’s in Reynoso Street. Then in going to Ka Lui, the trike driver we met didn’t know where the place was. What the ****!

Sometimes having a map would save you from getting lost. You may print this map and use it as you go to Puerto Princesa.

I got this other map from Aniceto. It was posted on their wall to help their guests in getting around the city. This might be of help in your tour too. =)

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  1. mojacko
    May 05, 2010 @ 07:46:20

    hi, my family anf I would like to thank you for this map and all your other tips on Puerto Princesa. I printed your blog and used it as a guide for our trip to Puerto this April. We were so happy to discover Ka Lui, Kinabuch and Kamarikutan cafe. konti nga lang yata may alam na may kainan malapit sa airport. yung mga kasabay namin, mukhang di nag-merienda. kami, after getting our tickets, kumain at nag-picture taking dun. Thanks for all your help!


  2. Andy
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 09:06:36

    Thank you so much for these maps!!!!!


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