How To Save Electricity

As we all know, we are having some problems concerning energy. The water level in the dams are in critical level right now due to absence of rain since December of 2009. Water is the primary source of electricity in our country. If we would conserve water, there would be enough supply of electricity in the whole country while waiting for the rainy season. Other than that, we can also conserve power by using our appliances wisely.

Here are some power saving tips I got from an electrical engineer in one of his notes posted on facebook. If you want to read the full article, just click HERE.

1.  When using the TV set before sleeping, make use of the sleep mode so that you won’t forget to turn it off. This goes for your radio set and air conditioning unit as well.

2. Avoid unplugging your TV set. The moment you turn it off, you already cut it off from the power supply. Same thing with your electric fans.

3. In a household with many TV sets, try to watch together if you are going to watch the same program anyway. This way, you do not only save electricity, you also get additional family bonding time.

4. Avoid opening the door of your refrigerator for an extended period of time.

5. Defrost your ref regularly. Your ref actually performs poorly when the ice on its walls is thick.

6. Set the thermostat to a level suited to the amount of food you have. Remember that the thermostat measures how cold the atmosphere inside and decides whether to turn the compressor or turn it off. If you set the thermostat to level 1 with your unit full of food, the compressor takes a longer time to cool the ref thus consuming more electricity.

7. Allow warm food to cool down before storing it in the refrigerator. Warm food takes longer to cool down.

8. If you are using a rice cooker, try to cook for an hour or less before eating. Remember that the “Keep Warm” setting also consumes electricity.

9. Avoid overloading your washing machines. Overloading makes your washing machine work harder thus consuming more electricity.

10. Iron all your clothes once a week and keep that a regular schedule of yours. If you cannot iron once a week, try ironing in the evening or early in the morning. These are off peak hours for the Distribution Company, therefore the energy they are buying is a lot cheaper. This also adjusts the demand for the particular time period.

11. When ironing handkerchiefs, unplug the iron. The remaining heat will be enough to iron small items.

12. Use fabric conditioners. This cuts your ironing time down especially if you don’t have to iron some clothes anymore.

13. Change your incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). Incandescent bulbs use electricity to heat a coil thus producing light. But in terms of efficiency, incandescent bulbs only convert 10% of electrical energy to light and a staggering 90% to heat. That alone is global warming. Just make sure to clean the CFL’s every now and then. Why? The collected dust blocks light from the lamp making the light dimmer. No trick here just practicality.

14. When buying electrical appliances look for the higher power factor or power rating. These appliances use electrical energy more efficient than others.

15. If you have a pump motor for your water supply, check your plumbing for leakage. The leak in your plumbing system reduces the amount of water in your tank prompting your pump motor to go on. This helps us conserve both electricity and water.

16. Avoid electrical overloading and have an electric audit to determine under or over sized wires. Undersized wires may have a higher chance for electrical burning while oversized wires have higher resistivity.

17. Always report illegal connection of electricity. Those consumers get to have free electricity while we pay for their energy consumption through “System Loss Charge”. Check your billing statement for that.

18. Have your electrical system checked by a licensed Electrical Engineer or Master Electrician. A lot of energy is put to waste by loose panel board connection. Having your electrical system checked will help prevent losses and damages.

—- taken from Trian Ferido’s note, REE, RME

This energy conservation tips will help us to fight global warming. Turning your lights off for an hour won’t make any difference. Always keep in mind that we can do something to fight El Nino as well as Global Warming.