Happy Father’s Day to my Dad….

Tatay, Itay, Ama, Daddy, Dad, Pop and PAPA are the terms we use for our dear FATHERS.

One day to go…. everyone will be happily celebrating Father’s Day with their Dad which we cannot do anymore. This is the reason why I started to feel loneliness these past few days. He’s not with us to celebrate his greatness as a FATHER. If only God would allow me to make one impossible wish, I would wish my dad is still here…. with us.

What can I say about our DAD?

  • He was the Senate as well as the Congress in our family.
  • He disciplined us the way he knew was right.
  • He was the ONE who worked for us.
  • He was responsible.
  • He taught us to become responsible children.
  • He made us feel secure and safe at all times.
  • He loved us unconditionally.
  • He protected us.
  • He respected our decisions as we grow older.
  • He was not only a good father but a great GRANDFATHER to my nephews and nieces as well.

PAPA…. wherever you are, I want you to know that we miss you so much. Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for being such a GREAT DAD!

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