Shade of Pomelo Orange

My husband’s cousin is getting married this coming August. Luckily, his tita happened to see some of my items hat I posted on Facebook. (it’s because I keep on tagging her… hihihi) She decided to get me as her supplier for the wedding invitation of her daughter.

The motif is pomelo orange. Well, sounds new to me. 😉 I tried to look on the net to have an idea of that color. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any. Whew! But when I went to Tabora and scouted for the red orange ribbon (tita told me to use this instead of pomelo), what I only got was a quizzical look from the salesladies’ faces. Imagine, I have been to six or seven shops only to find nothing! Grrrr… I was about to give up and buy the plain orange color when I happened to drop by another store. “There would be no harm on trying for the last time”, I told to myself.

When I asked if they have a red orange ribbon, Manong handed me a roll of ribbon which is darker orange. He even mentioned that they have this pomelo orange ribbon! Yeeha!!!! Found it out of LUCK!!!

It’s darker than pomelo color, kinda close to red but there’s a bit of orange; quite close to red orange. Hurray! I was soooo lucky to find this color where you would never think of it’s existence. ;))

Since it was raining all day on a Sunday, my hubby and I decided not to watch movie and stay home instead. We decided to start wrapping the invitations with this metallic pomelo orange ribbon.

Hubby was so excited to take some pictures of it with some style. Here is his shot:

Ooops, our wedding rings are not included in delivering these invites. =) They were only used to add some details on it.

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