1000 Days of Being Married

This past few weeks I noticed that I am becoming forgetful. Is this because of being workaholic?! Working from home is quite easy and comfortable. Less stress I might say but in my case is different. Anyway, that is not what this blog is all about. It’s the sweetness of my hubby that never came to my mind.

The other night, he told me that he is on leave on Thursday (yesterday) because of too much fatigue. Then he also said that he owe me a treat. For what reason, I don’t know. I even told him that he should take some rest but he insisted that we jog tomorrow and eat somewhere else. So we woke up early on a Thursday morning and  went to QC Circle. Since our stomachs were already complaining the time we reached the park, we had goto, lumpiang togue and lumpiang sariwa for breakfast. Not that bad huh!  Then our physical activities just begun —– brisk walking, badminton and jogging. After a couple of hours, we went home.


Movie date was next. Of course I was kinda confused. What the hell was going on?! Why are we celebrating on the 16th of September if it is not even our monthsary? I can hear my mind shouting it aloud. For some reasons I decided to keep my mouth shut and go with flow.  Before heading to Ortigas, we had our lunch at Singapore Chicken Rice. We’ve been seeing that restaurant every time we jog or walk around in Araneta Center but haven’t tried eating there. Curiosity invited us to come in and taste the foods being offered. We had wild west chicken, hainanese chicken rice, chicken satay and mee goreng. Though they have sodas, we opted to get calamansi juice. :)) Everything was delicious! Two thumbs up! As we were about to eat, he handed me a gift. Puzzled, dumbfounded and astonished…. I opened it and found a  letter with  a small stuffed toy with my face! Wow, soooo cute!!! As I read his letter (which I love to do), I was kinda teary eyed for every thing that he said in the letter. Then he revealed the reason why we were celebrating that day. According to him, that was our 1000th day of being husband and wife. :)) So sweet of him. ♥♥♥


DESPICABLE ME was the movie we had seen. Quite funny and inspirational for me…. Imagine a bad guy who adopted three little girls for his selfish plans turned out to become a good and loving daddy to them, that was cool. 🙂 After the movie, we had our snacks at WHAM Burger! It was our first time to try that place. We ordered burger, fries and spaghetti. It was a bit expensive though. The amount was equivalent to having lunch at Kenny Rogers. 🙂 Anyway, we were there to enjoy and taste the foods. The spaghetti was sooooo delicious, there were lots of meats. The burger was so big as well as the filling. The fries were not stachy, they were real potatoes. B) Tastes sooooo goooood!


Celebrating 1000 days of our married life is something new to me because we normally celebrate our monthsaries and anniversaries. His thoughtfulness and sweetness made me really special. I had fun not because of the celebration but because of spending time with him in one whole day with no worries around. Thanks HON! ♥♥♥


Why don’t you try counting the years of being together as boyfriends and girlfriends or husband and wives and celebrate your 500 days, 1000 days and 2000 days of being happy together. This simple gesture would become a special memory to your loved ones. :)) Keep the romance alive to avoid boredom in your relationship and make your marriage work. Try to read this article about MARRIAGE and RELATIONSHIP. Reading this article might help you to maintain a happy and content marriage.

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