Penang Hill at Robinsons Ermita

Since I wasn’t able to treat my sister a simple snack on her birthday at Taco Bell, she told me that she’ll treat us instead on Sunday. That was a very nice idea of her. Because it was been a long time since we went out and had some chit chats. Bonding with your sissies is a great thing to do most especially if you do not see each other that often and have no time to share stories to tell. After having two days of vacation in Kaytitinga and spending time with my mom, nephews and nieces, my hubby and I went back to Manila after lunch. I almost forgot that my sister will meet us at Robinsons Ermita. Well, her text message saved us from heading to Cubao. So we immediately got off the bus somewhere in Pasay and rode a jeepney.

Upon reaching the mall, my hubby and I got the chance to spot the Crepe Ice Cream store. We decided to order and try it. Well, to our surprise … it was delicious but nothing more special. Hihihi! My sister was patiently waiting and having her snacks at Cerealicious. After waiting for our youngest sister, we left and looked for a restaurant to have our dinner.

Since Penang Hill has a few more vacant seats, we came in and decided to give it a try.  Penang Hill restaurant serves Malaysian foods. We ordered one big plate of Shanghai Rice, which is good for 5-6 persons. My sissies ordered for a beef while my hubby and I ordered the kari chicken. Little did I know that it was chicken curry. 😦 Too bad, I hate the taste of curry. Anyway, we enjoyed our dinner as well as our chit chats. 🙂

Shanghai Rice

Braised Beef Brisket

(Well this one is delicious, the beef is so tender and tasty.)

Kari Chicken

(I cannot say anything good about it since I hate curry, I am sorry. )

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