How To Fry With No Smell

Living in a small unit is a bit hard and stressful. Well, one of the problems that we usually encounter is the fishy and oily odor that can be smelled during and after frying. That is what my husband often complains. Since we are just living in a 20sqm rented studio type apartment, the smell is all over the place – bed sheet, blanket, hanged clothes and my body. 😦 I cannot avoid frying though I want to, I made a research about it. Thanks to the world wide web and I found the answers. Actually, I already tried doing it the last time I fried fish for my escabeche or sweet and sour fish.

But before I found the solutions to my problem, I tried using wax paper to cover the pan. In that way, the oily smell would not scatter all over the place. And you know what, it was a success! The smell was lessened. But what I wanted is no smell at all. That was the time I applied what I have learned.

Follow these simple steps to get rid away of oily and fishy smell during and after frying.

1. Prepare a cup with 1/4c water and 1/4c vinegar and place it near the stove.

2. Mix 1/2c water together with 1/4 cup vinegar in a pan.

3. Let it boil. It will absorb the oily and fishy smell brought about by frying.

4. Turn off the stove once the smell has gone in your place.

By simply following these steps, your room or even your house will be free of any odor. 🙂 Happy frying!

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