Choosing The Right Running Shoes

Sunday is our jogging day, sometimes in Araneta Center or in Quezon City Circle. Since my old pair of rubber shoes, 2 year old  I guess, are already worn-out, I decided to buy a new one. Where? Definitely at the store where I can get a huge discount, lol! 😉 I even told myself that I will only get a pair worth not more than P3500.

Since Adidas has “Refresh Your Gear Campaign Promo” until yesterday (November 14) where in you will get less than P1000 for every old/unwanted pair that you will trade-in. My husband decided to give his two pair of shoes so that we can get less P2000 for the two pairs that we are going to purchase. There were only a few good pairs at the Gateway branch. We tried to look for something that is suited on our budget but failed to do so. 😦


I thought choosing the right running shoes is that easy. But what we usually do is we keep on repeating the same mistakes. We buy shoes because of the looks and because it is in. There are times that we look for great deals or big discounts when buying. These things should be forgotten if you really wanted a good pair of running shoes that will make your feet comfortable and free from any injuries that might happen. Since we jog regularly and look forward to join fun runs, we decided to get the right shoes for our feet. Hubby is flat footed while I am mild-flat footed (according to the saleslady who assisted us).  As far as I know there are only three kinds of foot: flat arch foot, neutral arch foot and high arch foot.

Follow these simple steps to find out the kind of feet you have:

1. Trace your foot on a piece of paper.

2. Dip your foot on a shallow pan of water.

3. Step on the paper with your traced foot.


From the arch that will be formed, you will know the kind of feet you have.

For flat arches (overpronators), you need to look for a running shoes with stability and motion control. While for those people with normal or neutral arches (pronators), running shoes with stability and cushion will be a great help and for those with high arch (underpronators), shoes with extra cushioning is the best to support the legs and feet when running.


Knowing all these things on that day helped us to get the right pair of shoes. Since hubby picked the Supernova Riot 3W, I ended up getting the same pair (of course for women) too.


(hubby’s supernova riot 3w – red stripes)

(my supernova riot 3w – pink stripes)

What is good about this pair of shoes is that it can be used for running or trekking. It has 3 multi-directional grip and serious cushioning and support. It might be a bit pricey and out of our budget but it’s the right shoes for our feet…


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