Dining at Jona’s Pares

Two days ago, I happened to see Jona’s at Robinsons Pioneer. At that time, many tables were filled by customers. That gave me an impression that Jona’s is a good place to eat. Since a client that I scheduled for meet-up wasn’t there yet, I decided to check-out their foods. They have mami, siopao, siomai and pares (combination of garlic rice and other ulam). In addition to that, the prices are really affordable. For P100 up you can enjoy a delicious snack, lunch or dinner at Jona’s.

As soon as my hubby arrived at Robinsons Pioneer, I immediately took him to Jona’s for dinner. He ordered for beef pares (P100) and iced tea (P28) plus 2 pieces siomai (P38) while I ordered roasted chicken with garlic rice (P90).


Garlic Rice with

Beef Pares

2 pc siomai

roasted chicken with garlic rice

Next time we wil try their mami and siopao and find out if the taste is close to the mami and siopao in Binondo. :))


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