Cartoons Take Over Facebook Profile Pictures

Maybe you are wondering why most of your friends are changing their profile pictures to a cartoon character. Seeing Batman, Conan, Spiderman, Doraemon and so on as your friends’ profile pictures is going on and on. It’s fun, promise! 🙂 And it is becoming viral up to this day and I think would last until Monday. Facebook users switch their photos to images of their favorite cartoon characters from their childhood years.

Why? Because the Campaign Against Child Violence had started to join Facebook. And this group wants to spread the message to support them in this campaign. By simply changing your profile picture to your favorite cartoon character from your youth, you will be able to show your support.

But do you think this act can really combat child abuse? Can we really help these children being abused by their parents, families and even other people by simply doing that thing? In what way will it help them? Changing our profile pictures to a fave cartoon character from our childhood is really fun and cool. But in doing so, how this effort would bring something good to those children? The government needs to do something about it to fight child abuse.

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