Luneta Dancing Musical Fountain

On the second day of 2011, we were able to witness the newest attraction in Luneta, the dancing musical fountain, after a delivery of items in Manila Hotel. Since we have no cameras at that time, we just enjoyed watching the fountain as well as the kids busy playing.


Then last Sunday, after going to MOA, hubby and I decided to drop by at the Rizal Park. Armed with our cameras, we started shooting as soon as the music starts and the water surrounding the fountain started to dance.


Wanna get a ride? P50 for adults and P20 for children.


Many people were there with their families and friends. Some brought a tent while others bought a silver stuff to sit on. Kids were enjoying playing with their stuff which lit as it flies. There were old guys who were having a debate about religion. It’s nice to see how they argue because many people find the debate exciting.If you get hungry, there are many sari-sari stores where you can buy food. A bit expensive compared to normal sari-sari stores.


Whoever had the idea of that musical dancing fountain, THANK YOU! Luneta Park came back to life again as a place for spending quality time with families and friends. Try to visit the place and enjoy the bonding time! 🙂


All of the shots we had were handheld that’s why we had a hard time shooting in slow shutter speed! 😦 We forgot to bring a tripod… Oh well, there is always a next time!

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