Yah Suy’s Modus Operandi in Passport Application

Passport application now can only be done ONLINE.


Meaning, you have to use a computer with internet connection to be able to get an appointment and have a valid email address for you to receive the form you filled-out online.  Print the form and keep it in a safe place. Don’t forget to mark you calendar so that you won’t forget your schedule. Once it arrives, be at the DFA 30 minutes earlier before your schedule or else you’ll not be entertained and lose the chance of applying for a passport.



When we were about to cross the street in going to DFA ASEANA, we noticed some men calling the attention of those people going to DFA. Here is what we heard: “Kung may appointment, dun sa DFA. Kapag walang appointment, dun sa 2nd floor.” as we saw him pointing at the building behind Mcdonalds. Well, it is so disappointing that many people fall for this kind of gimmick or modus-operandi.



Those men were from Yah Suy and not even connected to DFA. But they are not fixers. According to Mamang Pulis (whom we have spoken), they used to take them in the precinct but due to lack of evidences and appropriate case to file, they were freed with the help of their lawyer. Since there were people who take Yah Suy’s bait despite the fact that going to DFA is by appointment only and free of charge, the policemen cannot do anything to stop them. However, they are starting to take legal actions about Yah Suy’s tenancy at the building since Yah Suy is just sharing its tenancy to the spa right next to it.



How do they victimize people?

1. As you get-off the bus or jeepney in front of the gasoline station, they will approach you and ask if you have an appointment.

2. If you have no appointment, they will encourage you to go to their office, located at the 2nd floor.

3. You’ll be given a form to be filled-out and will be asked to PAY P200. The staff of Yah Suy will be the one to fill-out the information online — not you!  The printed DFA application form with appointment schedule (for next month) will be given to you.



BEWARE of telling other people your personal information like your birth date, parents’ complete name etc… for they might use it for other purposes. Haven’t you heard of identity theft?


1. You can go to the DFA if:

  • you have an appointment that day and have the printed application form;
  • you have the urgency to travel abroad and have the necessary documents as proofs — no appointment needed;
  • you are a government employee, unmarried child of a government employee, parent of a government employee, spouse of a government employee, incumbent elected officials, barangay officials (Brgy. Chairman, Brgy. Kagawad and SK chairman) & retired employee;

2. Chaperones are not allowed inside the DFA building that’s why it’s better to go there with yourself.

3. Walk-ins are not allowed. Make sure you have an appointment. Schedules available are usually a month after your application.

4. If you are not a techie savvy, ask the help of your family or friends in getting application schedule at the DFA through online.

5. Computer rental for an hour is only P20. A lot cheaper than paying P200 for Yah Suy’s services.



Please be more vigilant of people taking advantage of one’s ignorance.

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