How To Get Lucky on Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year will be celebrated on the third of February. Do Filipinos need to participate in the celebration too? Well, I am not a Chinese that is why I am not a fan of Feng Shui and horoscopes. 😉 You know why Chinese people are successful? It’s not because of the charms or feng shui but it is because of their hardwork. Have you seen a Chinese who lives on the street and ask for awl? Of course you haven’t.



Chinese people do everything to succeed, whatever it takes. You can see them at any shops or stores and entertain their customers. These people don’t get annoyed if you ask them lots of questions about their items though you ended up buying nothing. Sad to say, it’s the Filipinos who usually do that. That’s why most of us neither don’t come back or recommend the store to our friends. Sometimes we prefer to buy from the Chinese merchants because we can ask for reasonable discounts even if it is almost half of the selling price. I admire Chinese people most especially those who are into business. They don’t care if the profit would be small as long as they have sales. In this way, items are not being kept for so long.



If we would only do what Chinese people do to succeed in life and have the same philosophies, we will eventually be the next Henry Sy or Gokongwei. Have you heard how these guys started to get rich?! Henry Sy, who was born poor, thought of earning P1 for every Filipino that would buy shoes from him, that’s why he started to sell shoes in the streets. I have learned that he used to sell in front of Mercury Drug in Quiapo but only to be shooed away by the staff. That’s why Mercury Drug was never a tenant of SM malls. 🙂 Then Gokongwei, who was born rich, had to earn for a living for his family at ten years old when his father died. He sold candles and soaps outside the market in the morning to be able to support his mother and brothers. Since he was earning pretty much, he started to expand his business using all his profits. And that’s how he was able to survive and succeed in life.



According to some experts, there are things that you can do to strengthen your chances for luck in welcoming the Chinese New Year. These are the things you MUST do on the 3rd of February:

  • Don’t spend that much.
  • Don’t use sharp objects such as knife and scissors for it will cut the flow of luck.
  • Don’t sweep the floor for you’ll be sweeping away your luck.
  • Don’t buy pear.



Well, luck won’t be on our side if we would not do anything to make it happen. You have to put a lot of hardwork, persistence and determination to succeed in life. That’s when LUCK comes to your life.



KUNG HEI FAT CHOI! Happy New Year to all the Chinese out there! ;))

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