Batu Cave

Hubby and I woke up early so that we won’t get burned by the sun while in Batu Cave. We started our tour at 7:00 am after exchanging  “Happy Valentines Day!”  Yes, it was February 14 then. 😉 Oops, did he greet me a happy birthday?  @_@ To tell you honestly, I forgot that it was my birthday too! Lol! From our hotel, we walked our way to Bukit Bintang Station, took the train to Titiwangsa and got off at Bukit Nanas. From there, we walked again for 10 minutes in going to Dang Wangi Station. We took the train to Putra, the last station, which was also our drop-off point. It was 30 minutes of traveling. As soon as we arrived at Putra Gombak, we checked for the Genting ticket rates as well as the bus schedules. Thinking that we can still go to Masjid Jamek, KL Sentral and Putrajaya, we opted not to go to Genting for it will eat a lot of time. In going to Batu cave, you have to take a cab which we did. Thank goodness for the driver used his meter. 🙂 We only spent RM9.40 in going to Batu cave and RM8.40 in going back to terminal Putra.


Train fares: Dang Wangi – Putra: RM2.30// Putra – KL Sentral: RM2.40


hubby’s birthday/valentine’s gift for me: couple shirt  😉

thanks hon!!! ♥♥♥



In order to go to the cave, you have the climb up 272 steps… Climbing up was tiring but definitely worth it! I didn’t expect that hubby will love the place. 🙂 He kept on thanking me for taking him to such a wonderful place like that. Wow! Of course, he kept on clicking his camera and can’t stop himself from taking pictures of the cave! He even missed a step in going down from the other side of the cave and almost fall. The steps were small, were they made for the kiddos?! @_@


Are we in Paris?! 😉


Souvenir shops inside the cave


inside the cave


the view from the top


a temple nearby



After an hour or two, we looked for a cab outside. Because of negative comments of some pexers to Indian drivers, we tried to choose Malaysian or Chinese drivers but ended up having a ride with an Indian driver. While we were waiting for a taxi, we met a Malaysian driver waiting for his clients at the Batu Cave. He’s a nice  guy and can converse well in English. When we asked him if Indian drivers are bad, he said, “not all.” Actually, that was TRUE! The Indian driver who brought us to Putra Gombak gave us a smooth ride and used his meter too. 🙂 According to him, most of the time, he toured tourists to places hidden to many where they can relax and have fun at the same time. His services for a day tour which starts at 9am and ends at 8pm cost RM250. Or you can direct him to places you wanna go for the whole day, even in going to Melaka.Try to give him a call in case you need his taxi services. 🙂


Faisal’s Taxi Services @ RM250, 9am – 8pm

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