Jalan Alor

We were about to go back to our hotel when we remembered that we haven’t eaten anything for dinner. Since Jalan Alor was a 5 minute walk from our hotel, we decided to eat there. Well, based on my research, Kuala Lumpur is all about eating and the best place to dine is at Jalan Alor and not at the fancy restos there. Who would have thought that it was popularly known as the red district of Malaysia before? 😀

Both sides of Jalan Alor are lined by endless rows of food stalls and outdoor restaurants as well as hawker stands selling fruits, barbeques, roasted ducks, noodles and drinks. Most of them opens only at night.

Ordering of foods that we might like was made easier by the menus being handed to the customers. Each food listed in their menu has a picture. 😉 Food ranges from RM3.50 – RM30. After we placed our order, we waited for 10 minutes before each food was served. Every time they put the food on the table, they were asking us for the payment. Hubby insisted that we’ll pay once all the foods were served which the boy agreed. We spent RM15 for our dinner. 🙂 Totally cheap huh!I enjoyed our dinner but forgot the foods we ordered. 😦

miki bihon with some meat, shrimp and veggies: chili

noodles with terriyaki sauce, meat and kangkong

ice kachang

Before we went back to the hotel, hubby had a take-away of cold milo (RM2)! 😉 I think he’s getting addicted to it! Addicted on it’s packaging! Lol!

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