In going to Putrajaya, we took the KLIA Express (RM9.50) from KL Sentral interchange. That was 20 minutes of traveling with only 2 stops huh! As we went out of the station, we looked for a bus at the terminal that can be found below the station. There were many buses with numbers on it. But we didn’t even know which one to take…. Until we hopped on a bus which was about to leave. After paying 50 sen (flat rate) for the ride, he then asked us where to go. I just told him to take us Seri Wawasan Bridge. Before we get-off the bus, he told us the bus numbers that we should take in going back to Putrajaya Sentral.



The scorching heat of the sun welcomed us as we disembarked the bus. After taking pictures of Seri Wawasan Bridge, one of the 8 unique bridges in Putrajaya, we decided to walk and check what we could find in Precint 1. The Putra Mosque and Perdana Putra can be seen from afar that’s why we tried to go there but failed to do so. Walking under the sun for around 15 minutes without umbrella would burn our skin and make us more dehydrated for we have no water with us. 😦 There were no other tourists in the place… we had seen workers busy doing repairs of the waterworks but other than those people, we didn’t see any. It took us an hour in the bus stop deciding whether to go back to Kuala Lumpur or take the bus going to other attractions in Putrajaya. The extreme heat of the sun (hotter than 12noon in Mla) helped us to make a good decision… go back to KL! We’ll visit Putrajaya next time and catch the sunset. 🙂


Putra Mosque


Ministry of Finance


Seri Wawasan Bridge


Perdana Putra & Taman Putra Perdana




What to see in Precint 1 that can be walked around:

Taman Putra Perdana – recreational park with fountains, shelters, benches and a good view of Putrajaya

Putra Mosque – the pink mosque

Souq – bazaar that can be found at the lower level of Putra Mosque

Perdana Putra – prime minister’s office

Selera Putra – airconditioned foodcout

Botanical Garden

Putra Bridge

Seri Perdana Bridge

Ministry of Finance –

Seri Wawasan Bridge – nice view of the bridge in front of the Ministry of Finance




1. Bring 1.5L of water as you walk around Putrajaya.

2. Better to have your tour in the afternoon, around 5pm.

3. List down the places you wanna visit as well as their presint.

4. Taking a cab costs RM20 for 1 hour Putrajaya tour.

5. Public 2 hour tour for RM1: 11am & 2pm, departs from the tour desk at Selera Putra; inquire at KLIA or KL Sentral.

6. Taking KLIA express is the fastest way to reach Putrajaya.

7. Buses to Putrajaya can be found at KL Sentral.

8. Food courts can be found at Selera Putra (Presint 1), Madan Selera (Presint 8) and Taman Warisan (Presint 16)

9. Bus stop in going back to Putrajaya Sentral can be found across the Ministry of Finance.



Map of Putrajaya

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  3. Alid Abdul
    May 11, 2011 @ 10:09:22

    hey thanks about this information, I’ve been looking for how to get to Putrajaya with very cheap way 🙂
    As I googling it, other said to take taxi that so much expensive, thx again.

    #nowprinting 🙂


    • G-nang
      May 12, 2011 @ 09:51:02

      You’re right Alid! Taking a cab would burn a hole in your pocket and besides, touring Putrajaya for 2 hours is not enough. I hope you would be able to explore Putrajaya and see its beautiful landscape and architecture. Have fun and enjoy your tour! 😉


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