Singapore Trip: Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge & Merlion Park

Making our itineraries for our Singapore tour was made easier by the map I downloaded on the net. Using this map helped us a lot! If you hate getting lost, try to use this map as you visit Singapore. 😉

Finding the guesthouse, Cozy Corner Guesthouse, was the worst part. My bad! I didn’t print the location map of the guesthouse, all I can remember was… it’s near Lian Seah Street, only to find out that I was wrong! 😦 Well, as we were looking for the guesthouse in Lian Seah Street, we tried to ask around about the place but it seemed nobody knew where it was. 20 minutes was wasted and we were about to lose hope when we met this local who was very eager to help us though he didn’t know the place. He asked us if  we knew the contact number of the place. Thanks to my hubby for he saw the contact number of the guesthouse on the printed email I was holding. I wasn’t aware of that… too late for me to notice! hehehehe… What he did was he took his cellphone from his pocket, dialed the numbers, had a short talk with person on the other line and handed me his phone. Wow! That was so generous of him, huh! After asking the lady on how to reach their place, I gave the phone back to Mr. Tao (that was his name) for I did not understand  what the lady had told me, not even a single word! I had to blame their accent and for speaking so fast (speaking like Chinese)! Mr. Tao then told us the exact location of the place, near a cafe. Of course, we were so grateful for the effort made by a stranger! Many thanks Mr. Tao! 😉



When we reached the guesthouse, we started to unpack our things and changed our clothes then had some rest for a while. Since it was already past ten in the evening, we can no longer go to Hendersons Waves. After recharging ourselves, we started to walk around the city. From our place, we walked to Suntec City and checked Fountain of Wealth, which at that time has no water at all. 😦 Then, we took the underpass at Esplanade MRT Station and headed to Raffles Avenue. We were so delighted of the views that we can we see from where we were standing.



Marina Bay Sands


Fullerton Bay


Singapore Flyer



After an hour, hubby and I decided to walk straight from where we were. We were not expecting to see the way to Marina Bay Sands Mall through Helix Bridge. The beauty of the bridge was captivating, state of the art indeed! Not only that, we were able to get inside the mall! 😉 It has so many high-end shops that would really burn a hole in your pocket if you would splurge! MBS shopping mall would be open 24/7… There is also a casino, the place for money haters! Since there were no buses on sight at that time, it was 4:00am then, we decided to walk our way to the guesthouse. How was it? FUN and SAFE! 😉




Helix Bridge

View of Marina Bay Sands from Helix Bridge


At the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall

Interior of Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall


The “Mister”  at the Marina Bay Sands Park


Little Merlion

(Big Merlion was under repair due to lightning struck)


View of MBS and The Flyer at the boardwalk near Merlion Park




How to get to Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands:

By train: Get-off at Esplanade MRT Station and head to Raffles Avenue  Exit. (look for the signs and follow it). Walk straight to Youth Olympic Park then turn right. The Helix Bridge is connected to the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall.

By foot: From Suntec City Mall, take the underpass at Esplanade MRT Station then head to Raffles Avenue  Exit. Walk straight to Youth Olympic Park then turn right to go to Helix Bridge and MBS. Note: The mall is just across Raffles Avenue however crossing the street is not possible for there are no pedestrian lanes in the area.



How to Get to Merlion Park from Marina Bay Sands:

Exit to Marina Bay City Gallery from the Marina Bay Sands Shopping mall, walk straight to Falag Pond then turn right. Continue your walk to the boardwalk, turn right to Fullerton Heritage and head to One Fullerton Hotel. You’ll see the Big Merlion at the back of the hotel, facing the bay.




What I Love About Singapore?

1. No garbage or litter on the street, even on the waterways.

2. Less number of people who smoke.

3. No security guards at malls and cops on the street.

4. Everyone waits for the red light before crossing the street.

5. Air is so fresh and not polluted.

6. Safe to go home at night.

7. Trains are efficient and so fast.

8. Locals are helpful.





6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lowkeylife
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 13:59:39

    i wish i saw the big merlion instead of just the small one. we were quite disappointed when we arrived at the merlion park only to see the miniature version. we walked from the fullerton hotel all the way to the merlion park so we were really exhausted which aggravated our disappointment. 😦

    but just like you said, there’s always a next time. 🙂


    • G-nang
      Mar 22, 2011 @ 03:27:14

      Oh, we felt the same way when we got there. 😦 It has been under repair for months now due to lightning struck. Can’t imagine why it is always being hit by lightning. lol.


  2. momiang
    Jul 03, 2011 @ 03:29:03

    I’ve just read your review, cos I plan to visit Singapore next month.
    It’s very helpful to me, thank you very much.
    May I ask you some questions please,
    How long does it take to walk from the guesthouse to Suntec City, and how long does it take to walk from Merlion to Marina Bay Sands?
    I will go to see the show at MBS but I would like to see Merlion before that. Thank you so much for your reply 😀


    • G-nang
      Jul 12, 2011 @ 04:44:12

      Hi there. Nice to know that my post is such a great help to you. 😀 Well, I think from the guesthouse to Suntec City, it took us 15-20 minutes including the crossing of streets and climbing the overpass. If you need a map, I can make one for you. 😉 From Suntec City to Merlion, I think its around 10 minutes or so. Merlion is much closer to Esplanade Theater. Then from Merlion going to Marina Sands, less than 30 minutes of walking I guess. We did our walking tour from Marina to Merlion around 2am?! That’s why we didn’t get tired and bored as we walk because we were refreshed by the beautiful and amazing things around us.


  3. Vira
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 23:43:59

    MBS looks amazing at night! I’m going there this weekend, will definitely check it out.


  4. marina bay shoppes
    Jul 22, 2012 @ 06:48:56

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