Going to Singapore by Bus From Melaka

As soon as we arrived at the Melaka Sentral, we looked for the counter of Delima Ekspres that has daily trips to Singapore.  We bought the ticket for RM22.10 per pax and waited at Platform 10 then get-on the bus upon its arrival.





About Delima Ekspress, Melaka Sentral

You can buy tickets at Kaunter 20 and Kaunter 3. They have hourly trips to Singapore from Melaka. From Monday to Friday, you can catch a bus as early as 5:30am while the last bus departs the terminal at 8:00pm. On weekends and holidays, bus departs the terminal at 6:30am.



Based on my research, it would only take us 4 hours in going to Singapore from Melaka. That’s why I included in our itinerary for the day some places to hit as we set our foot in Singapore. Since we left at 3:30pm, I was expecting that we’ll be in Singapore at around 7:30pm. Aside from that, I never thought that we’ll do the same thing that we did in going to KL from Singapore. What did I mean by that?! Getting-off the bus for checkpoints. 😦 Ooops, before I forget, buses bound for Singapore stop at Larkin Bus Terminal to get some passengers. If your bladder needs some help, take this time in going to the toilet with 20 sen in your pocket. Yup, it’s a pay toilet. Way to the toilet can be found at the first entrance on the left side, walk straight and you’ll see it.




Johor Bahru Checkpoint (Sultan Iskandar Immigration Complex)

We reached the checkpoint at around 8:00pm. Actually, I had no idea that we have to do the same process again for I have read nothing about it on the forum. 😦 Hubby and I were quite puzzled when the bus stopped and people started to disembark the bus. Thanks to the guys seated next to us who told us that we have to go to the immigration. We also learned from the bus driver that he’ll wait for all of his passengers to get cleared in the immigration. For us not to get lost, we followed some of our co-passengers. Lol! Upon handing our passports with the piece of departure cards, the IO stamped our passports with no questions at all. 🙂 We took the escalator on our left, went down and looked for our bus. What made it easier for us to find the bus was the driver… he’s waiting outside the bus. 😉 After 30 minutes of being there at the immigration, the bus driver counted his passengers and started the bus engine.



Woodlands Checkpoint

It only took us 15 minutes of going to the next stop. Of course, we followed our co-passengers and made our way to the queue. Little did we know that we have to fill-out another form, the Singapore Departure Card. 😦 The IO then instructed us where to get the form. It’s near the escalator that took us up. After 5 minutes of filling-out the form, we again queued…. the time I handed my passport to the IO, she asked me a few questions like “Why are you going to Singapore?” “Are you working in Malaysia?” “Where you will stay in Singapore?” “What is your flight number?”. Then she looked for our plane ticket. Thank God I kept it! 😉 Since hubby was on the same queue, he was never questioned by the IO after learning that he was with me. Way to the exit was a bit weird because it is like an IUD. Things needed to be scanned before leaving the immigration. The thought that the bus might leave us for being there for so long feared us that’s why we wasted no time in running our way to the bus. Having the driver on our sight as we were going down the escalator gave as a sigh of relief. 🙂



  • As you get-off the escalator, go to your right side and get a form to be filled-out before heading to the IO. Prepare your travel documents like plane tickets and hotel reservations too. Make sure you know the address of the hotel where you will stay.
  • Take the escalator on your left as you exit the immigration then look for your bus.




Lavender Bus Station

Going to Lavender Bus Station from Woodlands Checkpoint took us 20 minutes of traveling. We reached the place at exactly 9:30pm. There’s a MRT station nearby, Lavender MRT station, which I thought was just within a walking distance. As we looked around, there was no sign of train on sight. When I eventually asked someone from the trip if he knew the way to the MRT station, he answered me back, “I was also looking for it.” Thank goodness, angels are everywhere! A man in his fifties, who I think was a local, showed us the way to the train station upon overhearing our conversation. Teehee! 😉 Many thanks sir!


How to get to Lavender MRT Station from Lavender Bus Terminal:

Head South (left side) on Lavender Street, turn right at Kallang Road and continue on Victoria Street. From there, you would see the train station bound to Joo Koon.




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  1. Bus From Malacca to Singapore
    Jul 25, 2012 @ 05:39:16

    Hi, Melaka is interest place for me. Most of the interesting travel spots in Melaka are concentrated in the center of the city. The famous Jonker Walk or Jalan Hang Jebat is known for its extensive antique pieces and great food options. New cafes and specialty stores nicely dotted the area which only added charm to this amazing lane. Peranakan architecture is very apparent in Jonker Walk. Thanks for your sharing. is very nice article. Hope you can share more with us … appreciate it


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