Singapore Trip: City Tour

Free breakfast was available at the guesthouse from 7:30am-10:30am. Thank goodness we were able to wake up 30 minutes before it ended. Lol! We started our walking tour for the second day at 11:00am. On our way to Little India, we had seen a lot of interesting things and been to some places not known to many.


Merchants @ the Pitt Street


Way of drying clothes in Singapore


Our Lady of Lourdes @ the Queen Street


Altar inside the church


The Thieve’s Market @ the Ban San Street




Little India

The first establishment that we had seen in Little India was the Mustafa Center where we bought some items like 1.5L water – 90 sen, 6 pcs of orange – $2 and my cough medicine, robitussin – $10! (ouch!) From there, we went to Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple then to Little Arcade Mall and ended our tour to Tekka Market.



Istana Park, Fort Canning Park & MICA Building

Fort Canning area is so huge. On our way to MICA Building, we had seen some of the parks in the area. Istana Park was a small park located down the hill while Fort Canning Park was so big that we decided not to visit for we have to climb some steps to get into the park. We past through Clark Quay and had a glimpse of G-max Bungee. Funan Mall was around the area which we visited for some gadgets.




Since we haven’t tried riding a double-decker bus, hubby and I waited for it at the bus stop in going to Chinatown. It wasn’t that long for it only took us around 5 minutes in reaching the place.  There were so many tourists busy looking for souvenirs that they can buy at Pagoda Street. At the end of the street, we found Sri Mariamman Temple. A few blocks away from that temple was Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, a big temple open for public.



Henderson Waves

We took the train from Chinatown in going to Harbour Front. From there, we looked for the way to reach Hendersons Waves. It was a big mistake of mine not to make a research on how to get to that place by bus. Too bad! We ended up walking for 30 minutes just to get there! @_@ The view of the city from the bridge was magnificent! Not only that, the bridge was also beautiful! A unique bridge where you can have some place to relax. No wonder there were some couples smooching at the area as we walk through the bridge. Farrer Park can be found on the other side of the bridge.




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