Singapore Trip: Little India

Little India is considered as one of the most genuine districts in Singapore. Most of the people that you can see in this place are the locals, the Indians. Their culture can also be seen here…


Mustafa Centre

Our first stop was at Mustafa Center. This place is open for 24 hours and you can find affordable items here. Well, cheaper than other stores. Bottled waters in 1.5L are really cheap here. At the guesthouse, it’s $3 but at Mustafa Center, the cheapest is 90 sen. 😉 But the Robitussin I bought here was a different story… hehehe. It was sooo pricey! 😦 Ooops, there is also a Money Changer at Mustafa Centre. You can find it on the left side of the building, next to a restaurant.If you get hungry, there are many restaurants where you can dine but most of them are Indian restaurants. Since hubby and I were not that adventurous when it comes to food, we opted to look for something that we can never go wrong. Lol! From Mustafa Center, we just walk straight and headed to Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple which was built in 1881 fro the Hindu Goddess, Kali. A few meters away was the Little India Arcade Center where shophouses can be found that sell souvenir items. Because we were so hungry at that time, we headed to Tekka Market and bought food at the food center. Foods are delicious and affordable too! 😉 The Little India MRT Station can be found at the back side of the Market.

Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple

Kali ripping out the insides of her victims

Thai-Muslim Restaurant


Little India Arcade


Tekka Market Food Centre

Where we bought food for lunch


Sweet & Sour Pork Rice, $4 (yummy!)

Crispy Noodle, $4 (yummy!)



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