Zipline at Mitra’s Ranch

Zipline… I can’t believe that it has been started in Palawan. A year ago, there was nothing but now, it is growing. Why? Last December 2010, the Ugong Rock Zipline had started and after a few months, a brave soul invested on this business at Mitra’s Ranch. A Bicolano entrepreneur rented the spare land below the hill and made it the latest “tourist spot”.

mitra's ranch ziplineRancho Zipline Adventure at Mitra’s Ranch started it’s operation on March 26, 2011. It has 3 stations. The 1st station is  the longest, around 350m long while the 2nd and 3rd station have almost the same length. For P500 only, you can have fun and excitement together with your friends. Though it is not that high compared to Ugong Rock Zipline. No age limit as well as weight limit. 😀

mitra's ranch ziplineI was curious how come Rancho Zipline has “no age and weight limit” unlike others. According to the lady selling souvenirs near the zipline area, the materials used to this project are all new and in high quality. It only means that your life is safe with their hands as you face your fear of heights. 😉

city tourhelmets for safety

city tourthe 350m, first station

city tourgoing down

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