The New Starfish Island in Palawan

honda bay island hopping tourLast year, we had been to this island, as part of our Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour, without paying any amount for the entrance. We just took pictures of the island as well as the starfish taken by the boatman for us to see. They are beautiful to look at but never ever dare to take them with you. They belong to the sea and not to you. 😉

puerto princesa palawanWhen we went back to this island, it is now being called as “Starfish Sandbar Resort”. Not only that, I was a bit shocked when told by our boatman that we have to pay P70 per person for the entrance fee. ^o^ OMG! How come we were able to get in this island last year for nothing? Oh.. well, I don’t know neither.

honda bay island hopping tourManong who collects the entrance fee

According to Kuya, Starfish Island was bought by Dos Palmas from the owner. But since Dos Palmas hasn’t settled yet the payment to the previous owner of the island, they no longer manage the island. Yes, it is now back to the previous owner and he made some improvements at the island. There are now many cottages for the tourists to rent for a very affordable price. Comfort rooms can be found here too.

honda bay island hopping tourCottage for rent at P50 only

honda bay island hopping tourthe head shots 😉

honda bay island hopping tourswimming under the shade

honda bay island hopping tourdemolished house, previously owned by Dos Palmas

honda bay island hopping toura glimpse at the sandbar

honda bay island hopping tourloving the clear water

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    Jul 10, 2011 @ 09:20:54

    hey ava’s sis-in-law, great blog!


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