Ugong Rock Spelunking & Zipline

puerto princesa palawanSince our Underground River Tour is at 4:30 in the afternoon, I prompted the driver to take us to Ugong Rock for the spelunking (caving) and zipline before heading to Sabang. It is located in Baragangay Tagbinet, a few kilometers away from the Underground River of Palawan, which has wonderful limestone formations.

puerto princesa palawana huge limestone rock  formation


Spelunking, which is more popularly known as caving, has been started for a couple of years where tourists can tour inside the rock and climb up to the top of the limestone. A pair of gloves and helmet is given to those who will bravely take the challenge. For P200 entrance, you can get inside the Ugong Rock and witness the breathtaking view on its top.

Puerto Princesa Palawansigning the waiver

getting ready for the tour

Since my MIL and I would not get inside the Ugong Rock, the guides were kind enough in letting us to  follow them to the entrance and had some shots. 🙂 According to them, it was called “Ugong” because of the sound that it makes when you knock onto it.  Aside from that, this cave used to be a hiding place for locals during the Japanese period. My husband and his siblings bravely took the narrow holes and steep inclines just to reach the top.

puerto princesa palawanrocks everywhere

puerto princesa palawansqueezing through holes and cracks

palawanrocky road to the top

puerto princesa palawanclambering through the steep incline

palawanclimbing up the rock

SIL on top of the 75-foot Ugong Rock

hubby ready to jump??


But recently, another attraction was added to Ugong Rock that would definitely give everybody an adrenaline rush. Last December 2010, the 380m Zipline was finally installed after a year preparation. Cables are emplaced on top of Ugong Rock and connected to a pole which is several hundred meters down the west side across a farmland. In able for you to go to the Zipline area, you have to get inside the rock and climb up to its top. The fee is P450 which includes spelunking (P200) and zipline (P250).

BIL getting ready

hubby flying with a parachute (180lbs & up)

flying 75 feet above the ground

A side trip to Ugong Rock is now becoming increasingly popular to tourists before/after their Underground Tour. They can’t resist the excitement that it has to offer. By the way, on your SECOND time to Ugong Rock, you would be able to have a FREE spelunking & zipline by bringing another tourist there. Remember the registration form?! They will just check your name there and viola! You don’t have to spare P450 for the second time! Wooot! 😉

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  1. Leo Fernandez
    Jan 01, 2012 @ 05:52:32

    I wish to be there too….


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