Snorkeling at Pambato Reef

The first time I did snorkeling was the time we had our school outing in Bohol, 6 years ago. That’s why I was kinda excited to do it again in Pambato Reef, Palawan. According to a source, Pambato Reef was accidentally discovered by a fisherman when his fish hook got entangled in the reef. When he dove into the sea to get his fish hook, he was enthralled by the beautiful things he had seen under water. From then on, the boat-owners association, where the fisherman who discovered the reef was a member, decided to make it another tourist spot in Hunda Bay.

on our way to Pambato Reef

Entrance fee of P50 per person is required. You can bring your own snorkels with you. We paid P100 for each snorkels that we rented to Allan, the owner of the van. In case that you get hungry, you can buy some snacks at the first kubo.

snacks and reminders

Second cottage: construction is on going

Upon seeing how far the snorkeling area was from the cottage, I had second thoughts of jumping into the water. OMG, I don’t know how to swim! 😥 But since hubby lifted up my spirit and told me that my life jacket would definitely make me float (of course I know that), I jumped. Thinking how deep the water was gave me more fright! Thank God hubby finally joined me for a minute… oh well, it’s his first time that’s why he was so excited to do snorkeling and almost forgot about me. Yayayay! Moving on… After a few minutes of swimming away from the cottage, oh boy.. that was pretty hard on my part, we got to see school of fishes. 🙂 Nice sight!

see how far I was from the cottage?

tiny fish

school of fish

it’s abundant in a certain area, can be reached by the feet…

why can’t I find Nemo here?!

loner ~

thanks to SIL’s underwater camera! yey! 😉

We have only seen small fishes under water, no luck in seeing bigger fish as well as colorful fish. I didn’t see Nemo. Boo! I think this place needs to be taken care of so that the corals would become better than what they are now. Always remember not to take anything away from this place for they are not yours. 🙂

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