The Ruins in Talisay City

We wanted to explore other places in Silay but decided to leave the soonest because it rained as we started to leave Balay Negrense. Since The Ruins is in Talisay, we hoped that it was not raining there. Along Rizal Street, we took a jeepney to Bacolod and got off at Pepsi Plant. The fare was P15/pax. After crossing the street, we then again took another jeepney across Pepsi Plant and asked the driver to drop us of at Rose Lawn Memorial Garden where the terminal of tricycles to The Ruins can be found. If only we had known that it was not that far, we would walk our way to the terminal…. seriously speaking! 🙂 Then we took a tricycle where Manong asked us to pay P70 for one way. I was trying to haggle but hubby insisted not to. We were eight, 4 adults and 4 kids. Instead of picking us up after two hours, he just waited for us outside. So we paid P140 for the round trip. Don’t dare t walk your way to The Ruins because it was so far from the terminal. Around 15-20 minutes by taking the trike.

silay cityThe Ruins, Talisay City (c% hubby)

silay citythe tower (c% hubby)

After paying the entrance fee of P40 for adults and P20 for kids, we found ourselves enchanted by the fountain in the pond. The kids enjoyed watching the koi fish swimming back and forth to them as the kids tried to feed them with some barquillos. From there, the whole view of the area can be seen where you would truly begin to appreciate its beauty even if you haven’t seen the interior.

silay city koi fish in the pond

silay citythe fountain and the pond

Inside the Ruins, we can’t help not to admire its beauty though it was been burnt thrice by the USAFFE and Filipino guerillas during the Japanese regime. According to Mars, the guide who took all of our group shots, The Ruins was built by Don Mariano Ledesma, a sugar baron, (look alike of JP Rizal) for his first wife, Maria Braga Lacson. The mansion was the largest residential structure ever built at that time and had in it one of the finest furniture, chinaware, and decorative items from Europe and Asia. Being the largest structure, it was said that the Japanese soldiers were planning to make Don Mariano’s mansion into their headquarters that’s why it was burnt down by the guerillas and USAFFE. It took three days before the roof and the 2 inch wooden floor got burned completely.

silay cityinside The Ruins

silay citydining area near the main entrance

silay citydining area near the kitchen

silay cityhouse entrance exclusively for Don Mariano’s children

It was abandoned for so many years until one of the great grandchildren of Don Mariano inherited the land where The Ruins sits. He then developed it, fixed the surroundings and put up a cafe where different kinds of food are being to served to the guests. They even cater to wedding events too only at The Ruins. It is great to be at The Ruins during sunset for it changes colors as the sun hits the walls. Too bad we can’t stay there for so long…. Below are some of the shots taken by Mars, our guide. Since he had taken wonderful shots, we handed him a tip. 😉

silay citythe mini-museum 🙂

silay cityedited?! ~nope~ the coolest effect ever! 🙂

silay cityjust peeking!

The Ruins opened its doors to locals and tourists on 2008. In 4 years, it became the top destination in Negros and became popular to many. The owner is continuously developing the area. In fact, a mini-golf area has been added to the site. And I know, a few months from now, new stuff will soon be added to attract tourists. This was the best place that I have ever been in Bacolod.

silay city

a magnificent view from afar

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