50mm Lens Bracelet by Adam Elmakias

Finally, the package I have been waiting for a week has just arrived yesterday! Yey! I was so happy and excited to open it and see the prize I got from posting an insight at Photoworld Manila fb page. 🙂 The waiting has finally come to an end! 😀

Lens BraceletAir21 package

Winning a prize was so overwhelming! As soon as I opened the package, the bracelets came out. They are so cute! Of course, I have to keep these away from hubby’s sight because it would be my graduation gift (he’s taking Basic Photography class at FPPF) and at the same time my anniversary gift to him on our 4th year wedding anniversary. hehehe…. That’s why I was so determined to get this from Photoworld. What did I do? Kept my fingers crossed and whispered a prayer while typing my message out of desperation. lol!

Photoworld Manila50mm Lens Bracelet by Adam Elmakias

These bracelets are not available here in the Philippines but you can get it online. As I googled it, here are some details I found about these bracelets.

  • The soft silicone bracelet is a replica of the camera’s lens’ focusing ring.
  • It’s one size fits all.
  • Available in 50mm prime or 24-70mm zoom.
  • Embossed lettering and ridge detail.

Winning these bracelets was like winning in the lottery. I haven’t won anything in the past, not even in the raffle draws during Christmas party. That’s why I am so grateful for being one of the lucky recipients of these cool bracelets! :))