Caramoan Island Hopping

Since the owner of the Pension House owns a boat too, we decided to get his boat rental for P2500. Most of the famous islands in Caramoan were closed due to Survivor taping (which was really a big disappointment) that’s why we had no choice but to see only two islands which were spared for the tourists. Well, thank you then Mr. Governor!

camarines surpic from pinoy exchange

We spent a 30 minute rough ride to Pical Port to catch the boat for our island hopping tour. Since most of the nice islands and beaches were closed, Cotivas Island and Manlawi Sandbar were the only places where we could go. I think there was another island that we were supposed to go but since we would be visiting Brgy. Tabgon, Nelson decided not to include it in the list.

caramoan islandearly morning at Pical Port

We reached Pical Port at around eight in the morning. There were also a few people who would go island hopping that day. BIL even bumped into his batchmate from UST, who happened to be the son of the Mayor of Caramoan, whom we also met that day. Got the bragging rite eh?! Well, talking to him was like being inside the freezer.. sa sobrang hangin, super din ang lamig! 😀

caramoan islandJohannah: Caramoan Bed & Dine’s boat

camarines sur, bicolCotivas Island

caramoan peninsulalow tide in the morning

It took us almost an hour and a half in going to this island. Unfortunately, it was low tide. Even if you’ve walked a few meters away, the water won’t go waist deep. 😦 The water was crystal clear and aside from that, the place was blessed with so many starfish. 🙂 Since it was low tide, they were scattered in the sand. Some were even folding their arms/rays, some were hard and some were soft. They came in different colors too. What a beautiful sight!

camarines sur, bicola few cottages in the island at P50

camarines sur, bicolanother island next to Cotivas Island

There was an island next to Cotivas Island, where we planned to check. Unfortunately, there were many sea urchins scattered everywhere. Actually, without those sea urchins, we would be able to set our feet in that island since it was low tide. Water was just leg deep. 🙂 A sandbar appeared to us a few meters away from our cottage. It was close to where our boat was. How could you enjoy swimming in this beautiful beach if the water is not that deep? 😦

Sandbar close to Cotivas Island

at the other side of Cotivas Island

After we had our lunch, Kuya Nelson decided to leave the island and head to Manlawi Sandbar. Of course, we were kinda excited that we could finally take a dip. It took us around an hour to reach the sandbar. The place were kinda crowded, boats were everywhere as well as the people enjoying their stay. Floating cottages were available for P200. OMG, so expensive! 😀

caramoan islandfloating cottage at P200 each

waist deep water at Manlawi Sandbar

caramoan islandsphoto shoot?

caramoan islandheaven for camera addicts

I think this was the place where most people enjoyed the most. How did I say that? Wasn’t it obvious? Wherever you turn head, you would see cam whores so busy taking pictures of themselves as if there was an on going photo shoot for a sexy magazine. tee hee! All you have to do is to look for a nice angle where you could take your shot like there was no other people in that place aside from you. Yup, believe me. The place was so incredible and magnificent.

caramoan islandas if we’re the only people there huh!

After an hour of taking beautiful shots, the water finally went high. We were able to enjoy swimming! Yey! After a few minutes of dipping in the water, we left the place so that we could reach Mt. Tabgon before sundown. The trip was like forever! From Manlawi Sanbdar to the mountain where the Mother of Peace Grotto can be found took us around an hour and a half.


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