Mambukal Resort in Murcia

On the third day of our stay in Bacolod, we went to Murcia hoping to have an enjoyable day at Mambukal Resort. From Lacson Street, we toook a Mandalagan – Libertad jeepney in going to the public market where we can take the bus heading to Mambukal Resort. We were told to wait at the bus terminal but not a single bus to Mambukal had come. Buses to Murcia were just passing by the public market. Upon seeing one, we hurriedly hopped in at the small mini bus. Fare was P35/head. It took us two long hours in reaching the resort. But on our way to Murcia, we had seen big sugarcane fields. For fear of losing my camera, I did not mind taking snapshots of the magnificent views. Murcia also has beautiful churches… People were simple as well as their way of life.

Murcia, Negros OccidentalMambukal Resort

The bus stopped at the entrance of the resort. They have a terminal outside the resort that’s why going back to Bacolod won’t be a problem at all. As we entered the resort, an entrance fee of P50/adult and P40/kid was paid at the booth near the gate. Going to the pool as well as to the other amenities of the resort was quite a long walk from the entrance. But the view won’t make you feel tired.

our group pic 🙂

two pathways… taking the left side was better.

Mambukal Resort Rates


There were only a few people we had seen at the resort at around half past eight in the morning.  After our breakfast, we headed to the swimming pools. There were only three swimming pools in the resort, one of them was a sulfur pool. A pool which I think is best for the oldies for they can relax in the pool. I would like to try dipping in that pool but my hubby as well as the kids love to dip in the regular pool. 😥 Not that bad because the regular pool was the biggest among the three and it is divided into two parts, one for the kiddos and the other side for the adults. Wearing of swimming attire should be strictly followed. Even putting on see through blouses are not allowed. We had enjoyed swimming in the pool with no other people. During our stay, the pool was all ours! 😀 Soon after we got tired, we left the resort and did not bother to climb and see the popular falls of the resort. We were not sure how long the weather would be nice to us and we didn’t like to encounter any problem at all. It was drizzling that time and the steps to the top might be slippery. My sister would like to try the zipline before we leave but according to one of the staff of the resort, using other amenities of the resort during weekdays needs appointment. Boooo!

kainan sa Mambukal

one of the rooms at Mambukal Resort

Murciavendors selling ornamental and flowering plants

MurciaSpa at Mambukal Resort

sulfur pool

Murciashower room and covered area

Murcia, Negrosriver

big swimming pool