Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010

Last year I was hoping to witness this kind of event in Clark but due to some reasons (I was teaching back then) my husband and I were not able to be there.

When I checked the 2010 schedule, I thought of going on the last day. Of course to celebrate my birthday and Valentines Day. Yup! My birthday is on February 14. There’s nothing to be happy about. Imagine, I am celebrating my birthday with another event!

I know my husband is planning something for that day but he gave in to my request.  So we woke up at 1 o’clock in the morning  to catch the 2 am trip. That’s the advantage of living in Cubao, bus stations are just a few steps away. =) We went to Victory Liner along EDSA and took the ordinary bus that will stop at DAU Terminal. Yes, ordinary bus. =( We had no choice but to take that trip or else we will not be able to get there in Clark at 5 o’clock in the morning. What do you expect in taking that kind of bus? Well, having a flat tire is not new. I was kinda panicking that time if we would be able to get there on time. We stopped for an hour in a place I don’t now where.

After two and a half hours (it’s like a day trip huh!) we headed to the place. A long que welcomed us but after a few minutes of lining up, we got our tickets. Yey! There were many people inside maybe because it was a Sunday and Valentines Day at the same time.

At exactly 5 o’clock, the participants started to set-up their balloons.

(to be continued…)

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