Crispy Fried Noodles @ Garlic Grill

Every time I go to a certain place and look for something to eat, I really have a hard time in choosing where to dine. Spending 15 minutes, sometimes half an hour for choosing the right food is not good. Oh well, that’s me… I can’t do anything about it. LOL!


Robinsons Galleria is one of the places I usually visit for meet-ups. I can’t recall that much when was the first time I found that store which sells affordable and delicious crispy fried noodles. But out of luck, I was able to find it again. 🙂 Garlic Grill is located in the Robinsons Galleria’s foodcourt. Most of the foods it serves are on a sizzling plate.

Pork chop with java rice at P65


If you are looking for a very affordable snack, try the Garlic Grill’s Crispy Fried Noodles for only P25. It’s topped with vegetables. Additional toppings can also be requested with a minimal charge. 😉 So next time you visit Galleria and you get hungry, drop by at this store and you wouldn’t regret it.


Crispy Fried Noodles at P25

Garlic Grill

Robinsons Galleria’s Foodcourt

Ortigas City

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