Palawan: Sabang Beach

Going to Sabang means 2 hour “biyahilo” ride on a private van or 3 hour “siksikan” ride on a public bus/jeepney. If you would be in a big group (like us – 6 pax), it would be much better taking the private van for P3500. Now, if you would be traveling with your partner, taking the bus or jeepney for P150 would do.

palawanSabang beach

Sabang beach is indeed a beautiful beach where you can enjoy its clear water and very fine sand. When we reached the place, only a few tourists were swimming on the beach maybe because it was scorching hot then. If you would plan to stay for a day or two in Sabang, there are quite a lot of accommodations (from the cheapest-most expensive) to choose from. But keep in mind that most of the rooms are not airconditioned. This place has no electricity and just depends on the generator that is being used from 6pm – 1am.

Van to El Nido, P1000

When it comes to food, you won’t get hungry for there are some restaurants and carinderias to choose from. We had lunch at Robert’s Beach Resort in Sabang which offers lunch buffet (P200/head) to it’s guests and to other tourists as well. A small bottle of soda costs P20. Too pricey! Even the P200/head lunch buffet! I didn’t even enjoy the food. 😦 It was too dry and too bland.

Buffet Station

grilled liempo and chicken adobo

grilled tuna and adobong kangkong

local eatery across the pier

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