Puerto Princesa Palawan (day 2) DIY Tour

We were supposed to try our luck on getting a permit for Underground River Tour but since we were not able to wake up early we decided not to leave. According to the tricycle driver we met, the permit should be taken a day before the tour.

TIP: If you want to have the tour in the morning, get a permit the day before your tour. Make sure you go to the DOT office early in the morning. But if you like to have the tour as soon as you reach Puerto Princesa, go to Sabang right away. You can get the permit from the DOT office there but you have to tell them that you had an overnight stay in Sabang. If not, they would ask you to go back to the city for the permit.

Where to Get a Permit:

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park Office
No. 11 National Highway, Junction 1
Brgy. San Miguel, Puerto Princesa City 5300, Palawan, Philippines
Tel: 048-433-2409 Fax: 048-434-2509
Email: admin@puerto-undergroundriver.com or reservation@puerto-undergroundriver.com

Update: The new office is now located at Rizal Avenue, close to Badjao Inn and Kinabuch’s.

How to go to Sabang from Puerto Princesa:

Take the blue multi-cab with the New San Jose Terminal signboard in Rizal Avenue. P7 per head. Alight in the terminal and take the bus or jeepney. There are four jeepney trips to Sabang Wharf: 7am, 9am, 12nn and 2pm. Bus returns to Puerto at 1pm. The jeepney fare is P125 for Filipinos and P200 for foreigners. It is a 3 hour ride by bus or jeepney and 2 hour ride by private van.


Pay P150 for the entrance where the paddle boat for the UR Tour is already included. The boat rental to the UR Tour area is P700, maximum capacity of 6 persons. The tour would only last for 45 minutes.

TIP: If you are in a big group (8 pax), rent a private van for P3000 instead of taking the UR tour (P1500) per person offered by travel agencies or hotels in Palawan. You’ll save a lot in doing this.  Aside from that, you would be able to get to Buenavista Viewdeck on your way back to Puerto Princesa. Just tell your driver. But for couples or small groups, it is better to take the bus or jeepney in going to Sabang.


Since we woke up late, we decided to stay at the pension house. We were able to meet some of the guests from Singapore, America and Europe. In addition to that, we had fun shooting all over the house. And of course we didn’t forget to write our names in the banig board. (“,)

cheap accommodation in puerto princesa

CITY TOUR: Immaculate Concepcion Church, Plaza Cuartel & Baywalk

At around three in the afternoon, we decided to have our city tour. Ooops, we were not able to go Iwahig Prison, Butterfly Garden and Crocodile Farm. Well, I don’t have to see neither crocs nor butterflies huh! Since Aniceto is just a 15 minute walk to the church, the park and the baywalk, we opted to walk.

palawan tourImmaculate Concepcion Church

We decided to visit the Immaculate Concepcion Church. Do you still remember the beliefs of our grand parents when visiting a church for the first time? Make three wishes and they will come true. <@_@>

Gate of Plaza Cuartel

Plaza Cuartel is located near the church. There is nothing much to see though it is a historical landmark in Palawan. The municipal government should do something to beautify or improve this place.

Baywalk is near the church, no need to take the trike. If you are facing the church and the basketball court is behind you, go to the left side and cross the street. The first street on your right is the way to the baywalk. Walk straight until you reach the intersection. Turn left and viola! You’ll see the baywalk. It is nice to go there early in the morning to catch the sunrise or late in the afternoon to catch the sunset. You’ll find food kiosks there, no need to worry when you get hungry. You can also rent a bike and do biking.

At the Baywalk

It was getting late then so we hurriedly take a trike to Ka Lui restaurant. I had my reservation 2 days ago before going to Palawan. If we’ll be late, our reservation will be canceled and will be given to other guests that’s why we have to be there before 7pm. Too bad, the trike driver didn’t know where the place was but we didn’t have a hard time to find Ka Lui.


KA LUI RESTAURANT “Serves Fresh Seafood & Gulay”

Opens Daily Save Sundays

Reservations Requested:

(048-4332580/ 0928-7539621/ kalui_restaurant21@yahoo.com)

I phoned Ka Lui two days before we fly to Palawan to make sure that we’ll be able to have a dinner date and celebrate our monthsary there. If you want to experience fine dining at Ka Lui, don’t text but CALL them to have an assurance that you’ll get a reservation. You have to take off your shoes or slippers when you get inside the restaurant. The floor that is made of wood is clean and shiny. It feels like home. Even the bathrooms are nice… you won’t feel that you’re in a bathroom, promise!

We preferred to have KA LUI SPECIAL OF THE DAY SET at P395 (Fish Steak – 2 pcs; Prawns – 4 pcs only; Veggies of the Day – ginataang gulay; Steamed Fish – lapulapu, with mango sauce, 2 cups of rice and starters – seaweeds). Then we had iced tea (P45) and melon shake (P50). The food was exclusive of 10% service charge.Whether you are in a tight budget, you can still dine at Ka Lui because the food is not that expensive compared to other restaurants in Manila. Ka Lui is said to be ONE of the best retaurants in Palawan.

Because we were so hungry that time, I wasn’t able to shoot the food served to us. The food was great! Yum! Yum! But according to my sister who also went there  a week ago, they didn’t enjoy eating Palawan Seafood Sisig and Buttered Shrimp. After our dinner, we moved around, checked the place and started shooting. Teehee! The place is also good for photo-op. =) Most of the guests, I think only the first timers, take pictures of themselves inside the restaurant.

DAY 3 in Palawan

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